GIM Plans

  • Site slowdown: (Jan 23, ’08) Expect a slowdown of GIM in the near future. My goal in all of this is to reach as many people as possible with what I think is a crucial ecological message. To that end, I will be shifting more of my energy to developing my writing for publication in larger venues. Another project or two may result as well. I’ll post updates here.
  • Topics in the works: (Nov 15, 24, ’07) I’m currently most focused on population issues, the ecological “big picture,” and controversies surrounding how ecological topics are presented in the media. For now, guest articles will take up the slack in other key topic areas.
  • Upcoming guest essays: (Aug 13, ’07) I’ve been fortunate at GIM to be able to feature some superb guest essays. More are in the pipeline, and I’m excited to be able to post them here.
  • Follow-up to Russ Hopfenberg’s comments: (Nov 12, ’07) On May 3rd, Dr. Russell Hopfenberg came here to discuss with us his provocative work (and that of David Pimentel) on the link between food supply, carrying capacity, and population growth. See the May 3rd post containing his comments. I now have his follow up responses to commenters, and will create a post to feature them at some point this month or next.