Coming up on GIM

For the next ten days I’ll be taking a summer break. GIM will be less active, but look for another guest article by Jim Lydecker. I’ll post that in a few days.

Soon I anticipate receiving Russ Hopfenberg’s responses to readers’ questions and comments following his first set of remarks. If all goes as planned, watch for a post announcing those later this month or in July.

I’m working on an overdue article concerning evidence and expert opinion that the past decade’s neglect of the population issue has been a major setback to both environmental and social causes. That should appear in early July.

As a prelude to that you might try these looks at population politics:

— John

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One response to “Coming up on GIM

  1. Would you agree the first time humanity fails to solve the problems on Earth that WE create could be the last time we fail? At least to this point in time, it looks to me as if humankind has an unblemished record of achievements.

    Of course, past prosperity is no guarantee of favorable outcomes in the future; however, I am placing my faith in humankind.

    As Jim Lydecker has made us aware, the human experiment of the 21st century reminds him of the first and last voyage of the Titanic.

    If, indeed, humankind finds itself in command of a ship, “Century XXI Human Experiment,” and also has good, virtually irrefutable scientific evidence that this ship could soon strike the iceberg, already visible on the far horizon, would you agree that reasonable and sensible people immediately open discussions regarding a change in the ship’s course?

    Or are people and life as we know it better served by accelerating the ship’s speed, reinforcing the ship by making the it larger, maintaining a code of silence, and staying the current course….steady as it goes?