News note: radio interview concerning population

I just heard from Bill Ryerson of the Population Media Center that tomorrow (Tuesday, Sept. 3), the Thom Hartmann radio show on Air America Radio will feature an interview with Ed Hartman (no relation), author of The Population Fix: Breaking America’s Addiction to Population Growth. The information I have is that it should air at 2 pm (presumably in North America). I haven’t read the book, but this sounds like it should be worth a listen. Host Hartmann is, incidentally, author of the book, The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight.

By the way, you can contact Bill Ryerson to get on his email list for a daily article or other item of interest concerning population. Highly recommended.


2 responses to “News note: radio interview concerning population

  1. Dear Friends,

    Thanks for being willing to speak of what somehow could be true, at least as you see it. More people are doing the same thing, particularly the mothers of children.

    Whether many too people know it or not, they are not speaking truth but giving voice to an attractive FANTASY that is based upon a fundamental misperception: LIMITLESS GROWTH of HUMAN ENTERPRISE on EARTH is sustainable at its current huge scale and rate of increase. These people could be reporting a mistaken impression, one that is passed off as if it was real, thereby widely sharing, consensually validating and often adamantly advocating for faulty ideas that are culturally transmitted by self-proclaimed masters of the universe, manufacturers of desire, taste-makers, disinformation specialists, spin meisters, talking heads of mass media, managers of the political economy, their bought-and-paid-for politicians —– mostly children of men.



  2. Nov 4, 2007,,,,, fossil fuel supply is indeed connected to population [ size ],,, that said I think the decline in supply will be slow enough so that the people will have time to stop buying things they think they need and start buying the things they will need to at least feed themselves,,,,,,as yet nobody’s very hungry but I know what its like and I know how fast these people will change when they begin to be hungry,,,,,,…..BE Wise and think.